Six Best Hypnosis TED Talks

Six Best Hypnosis TED Talks

TED is a fantastic organisation that set up independently run conferences under the slogan ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. The conferences normally have experts in the fields talking about exciting research and ideas in their area. These happen all over the world with some of the smartest minds on the planet. There have been a few presentations that have involved hypnosis that are worth sharing because they are educational and entertaining. Here is a list of the six best hypnosis TED talks:

Is Hypnosis Fake?” Hypnotist stuns TEDX crowd – Albert Nerenberg

Albert shows some great demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena. This is formatted similar to a stage hypnosis show, except, he provides much more information about the practice of hypnotism.


TEDxKrakow Hypnosis – Werner Meinhold

Whilst the presenters English isn’t perfect, his knowledge on the topic is excellent. He presents many philosophical ideas about the practice of hypnotism and colours a nice picture of it use in modern life.


TEDxLondonBusinessSchool Can hypnosis heal you? – Daniel Robaczewski

Daniel uses some pre-recorded videos to show some good demonstrations and talks about the power of hypnosis to overcome various problems such as cocaine addiction.


TEDxYouth@Toronto Comedy Hypnotist – The Incredible Boris

Boris is a comedy hypnotist. He does a demonstration of some hypnotic phenomena using some members of the audience such as amnesia and catalepsy


TEDxAuburnMiddleSchool Hypnotize Yourself – Dan Candell 

Dan teaches the audience self-hypnosis and explains how it can help your life. He shows people how to think and how to change your state. He explains how people are influenced from the day they were born.


TEDxConcordia Hypnosis – The Universe Within – David Bernstein 

David shares his story about him having chronic pain after a hockey accident and having to search for a way to relieve his pain when he found hypnosis.



There were many great videos and stories online about the power of hypnosis. It is important tool and it is great to see so many presentations from the TED organisation on the topic.


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