Want To Quit A Bad Habit?

Do you have a habit that you would rather not have? That habit could be nail biting, teeth grinding (TMJ), hair pulling or picking at the skin. These habits can dissolve using hypnosis to access the potential in you to change these habits. It can be really difficult to have a bad habit that you just can’t kick. It is almost like you are working against yourself, feeling like it is one step forward and two steps back. Like driving a car with a bad wheel alignment so the car has to work against itself to move forward.

You know in your heart that it doesn’t have to be that way. Hypnosis has been used effectively to treat habit disorders such as hair pulling, stuttering, skin picking, nail biting, smoking, food addictions, teeth grinding and even procrastination! Scott Jasper has assisted many other people with difficult habits using the power of the mind. In Adelaide, hypnotherapy is a growing market for people wanted to change their old habits and become the best version of themselves.
If you were to give Scott a call today, he would have a discussion with you about the condition. During this discussion, he would suggest his recommended treatment pain and ensure that hypnotherapy is the best option for you. Then, he would get you to come into his office and have a chat to establish what your goals are for the process. He would then explore your thoughts and beliefs about the problem. This conversation is often very informative as it shows what limiting beliefs and decisions that you have made and why the things you have tired haven’t worked. He will then use every tool in the hypnotherapeutic toolbox to help you get the best result. Scott is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which also has some powerful techniques for getting rid of habits.

Scott will use his five step approach to habits. During the first step, you will DISCUSS your current condition and goals for the treatment. Then, together you will REWRITE your ideas and beliefs about the problem to ensure that you have the best possible mindset. Next, you will DISCOVER the capacity of your mind to overcome your habit and lead a more full life. Then, Scott will ensure that the change that has been made will be permanent! so you will do an ECOLOGY CHECK and then FUTURE PACE by envisioning your new life without the habit. Finally, the change will be hypnotically INTEGRATE the change through your entire body.

I know you want to get rid of your habit and feel more comfortable and confident within yourself. Don’t wait any longer to live a happier life. Pick up the phone and call Scott Jasper Hypnotherapy right now on 0413110170.


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