Is Therapy For Everyone?

Is Therapy For Everyone?

There is much that holds us back from seeing a therapist. When most people think about therapy, they think you must be ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’. It may be difficult to see that therapy is not for the select ‘strange’ ones, it is actually for everyone. It is common to feel a bit confused or anxious about an area of your life such as relationships, family and the direction of your career. In fact, the only qualifications required to come to therapy is that you are a normal everyday human being.

It can seem anxiety provoking to think about divulging a problem you have been worrying about to someone that you have never met before. However, therapists aren’t just anyone. They are trained to properly listen and their training takes them into the recesses of their own and others minds so their concept of a ‘normal’ human being is far more expansive and accepting than that held by society at large.

It can be beneficial for everyone to learn new ways to use your mind and learn to look at situations from different perspectives. People are often limited in their strategies for coping with difficult tasks and have problems seeing how to get out of a problem they are stuck in. Therapists are able to teach people these skills in a relaxed and safe environment.

The truth is even the people that we look up to, such as celebrities and famous sportspeople, often seek the services of therapists to improve their performance in that tasks they are required to do. This is why there are now a number of different types of coaches to help people through different areas of their life. If professional sportspeople get coaches to improve their sporting performance, why can’t the average person get a coach to improve their life? Their relationship? Their career?

Our modern society is so fast paced with constant bombardment of information and media, the average person is becoming more stressed and anxious. The prevalence of psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are increasing at an ever rapid rate. This is why the sigma related to seeing therapists and coaches is something that needs to be discussed as people are increasingly requiring these services.

Hypnotherapy is an important discipline because hypnotherapists are masters of getting people to relax, both mentally and physically. The ability to relax and de-stress is something that the average person really needs. In Australia, the hypnotherapy industry is on the rise as more people are accessing these services. So when you are feeling a bit confused or anxious about an area of your life such as relationships, family and the direction of your career, you should consider calling a hypnotherapist to help you because you now know that therapy is for everyone. In particular, those looking to get the most out of life. This is great video created by ‘School of Life‘ about psychotherapy:


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