Hypnosis: Modern Applications Part 2

Hypnosis: Modern Applications Part 2

We have already seen that hypnosis can be used for tattoos, awake surgeries and eating disorders. If you did not catch Part 1, you can access it here (Part 1). What other applications can modern hypnosis be used? Well, there are many! Today, there will be a focus on three in particular: first aid, irritable bowel syndrome and pre-surgery.


Firefighters, at Haguenau fire station in France, are being trained in basic medical hypnosis techniques to allow them to effectively relative and soothe traumatised people in emergency situations. Hypnotherapy can harmoniously complement traditional first aid assistance as there are many communication techniques that can help to ease pain and anxieties in stressful situations. Whilst it does not replace traditional first aid, it is a fantastic addition to their toolkit.



One in five Australians now experience the painful symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The standard practice is to recommend that the patient use a low FODMAP diet to reduce the symptoms. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be as effective as the low FODMAP diet at reducing the symptoms of IBS as well as increase quality of life. Several studies have shown that it can be significant and lasting relief of symptoms, particularly with those that haven’t responded to other treatment methods.



APPLICATION 6 – Reduce Anxiety in Surgery Patients

Whilst awake surgeries were discussed in the last section, there are many other medical applications that doctors can use hypnosis. A study found that conversational hypnosis techniques were more effective than giving the patient anxiety medication to calm the patient prior to surgery. Patient interactions are important in a hospital setting and the practice of hypnotism has many techniques to assist in this process.




The applications for hypnosis are inexhaustible. It is being significantly under-utilised in the medical profession. It is hoped that by seeing the uses for hypnotism, that people can have a greater understanding about the practice and a greater appreciation for its potential.


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