My Hypno-gnity: The Story of the First Time… I was Hypnotised

My Hypno-gnity: The Story of the First Time… I was Hypnotised

This is an important story for my journey into hypnosis because it was the first time I was exposed to hypnosis, at least in person. I have always been interested in the mind and through my teen years, I watched the likes of Derren Brown, Richard Blander and Paul McKenna. I thought they were amazing! So when I finished school, I persuaded psychology. I went to Adelaide University and did my bachelor’s degree.

Whilst in my first year of university, there was a day when I was sitting outside the local cafeteria, this was early in the year during Fringe festival. During the Fringe Festival, there is lots of performers in town. And I guy came us, while we were eating. He was wearing a suit and had shiny white teeth and said ‘Come to my show’, handing us one of his flyers. I replied ‘Cool, what do you do?’ He smiled and said ‘Well, I am hypnotist’. At this point, I had never met a hypnotist before. I had seen video online but I was still like questioning if it was real. I said to him ‘cool, can you show us something?’ He asked if we had some time and arranged us in a semi-circle with him at the front. He started with a demonstration known as magnetic fingers which goes something like this ‘Okay, put your hands out straight in front of you. Clasp your hands together and squeeze your palms. Really white knuckle it. In moment but not yet, I want you to extend your two index fingers about two inches apart and watch the space between your two fingers because your fingers will want to draw together.’ And so, I complied by extended my index fingers and I watched, in amazement as my two fingers pulled together. It was like there was two powerful magnets on the finger because they quickly drew together. Whilst it was a simple demonstration, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  However, even how simple the demonstration was, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

He continued and stuck the fingers together and gave suggestions that our arms to float up. Then, he picked one of my friends and stuck his hands to his head. It was quite entertaining. But the surprised part about it was that experience started an unquenchable thirst for learning hypnotism. That experience that was based on a simple suggestibility test that I can now easily do! It is really humbling to know that such a small demonstration can make a massive impact upon the direct of someone’s life.



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