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Q: What is hypnosis?

A: There is blog post that I have written extensively on this topic as it is often difficult to give a simple definition: What is Hypnosis?

Q: How much does a session cost?

A: Initial session are 60-90 minutes and are priced at $150. Every subsequent session is $120 and are generally shorter (≈60 minutes). Smoking cessation sessions are $300 for $90 minutes. There is typically only one session.

Q: What is involved in a hypnotherapy session?

A: The first session will begin with a discussion of the issue and sets goals/objectives for the therapy. Every client will have their approach tailored to them and Scott will choose the approach that best suits the client.

Q: Will Scott hypnotise me?

A: Scott will often use hypnosis in his sessions. If you have any trepidation about hypnosis, please read the material on the website as it is very informative and will relieve any of your concerns. Scott does utilise many different tools. Scott may even not perform a formal hypnotic induction if it is not required which is often the case when he is using NLP techniques.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Each treatment will be unique to the individual and the reason. Smoking cessation and phobias typically only last one session. In contrast, there are many other conditions and situations that require multiple sessions. Scott will have a discussion with each individual client and will tailor his approach accordingly.

Q: How long will it be between sessions?

A: It is most common that Scott will leave either one or two weeks between sessions to allow an appropriate amount of time for the changing to take place. This will variety depending on the circumstance.

Q: Is Scott trained in hypnotherapy?

A: Scott has multiple certifications in hypnotherapy. Please look at his about page for his full list of qualifications.