Famous People Who Have Used Hypnotherapy

Famous People Who Have Used Hypnotherapy

Many people use hypnotherapy to enhance and improve their lives in many different ways. Celebrities can be under significant stress to perform and look their best because they are constantly in the public eye. Many celebrities use hypnosis to help them perform at their best. This is a short list of people that are openly stated that they have used hypnotherapy to help them improve:

Kim Kardashian

The model uses hypnosis to try to turn her baby to avoid having a caesarean.

Kim, hypnosis

Ellen Degeneres

Beloved comedian and TV host Ellen Degeneres enlisted the help of friend and hypnotherapist Paul McKenna to help her quit smoking. She actually did this live on air:

Olivia Munn

Had difficulty going to the gym? Actor Olivia Munn enlisted the help of a hypnotherapist to help her get motivated to go to the gym.


Lily Allen

The singer used hypnosis to help her lose weight. She was so successful that she allegedly dropped three dress sizes!


Sam Smith

The singer has described how he used hypnosis to cure his obsessive compulsive disorder.


Matt Damon

The actor was a smoker and decided after filming ‘The Ocean’s Twelve’ that we would quit. He has said that he got a little help from a hypnotherapist.



There is also a number of historical people that allegedly used hypnotherapy such Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Nikola Tesla. Hypnotherapy is a common place that everyone should be utilising to allow them to become the best self they can be. Furthermore, this tool is not just accessible to the rich few. It is relatively inexpensive to visit a hypnotherapist, there a much information online and there are many hypnosis apps available for mobiles.



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