• Hypnotherapy That Works!
    Hypnotherapy That Works!

    Fast, Effective Changework

  • Treatment for a Variety of Conditions
    Treatment for a Variety of Conditions

    Do you feel nervous at the sight of spiders or snakes?

  • Hypnotic Pain Relief
    Hypnotic Pain Relief

    Has Chronic Pain been a problem for you?

  • Want to Quit Smoking?
    Want to Quit Smoking?

    Easy, Quick & Effective!


Scott Jasper is a Hypnotherapist from Adelaide. Scott focuses on one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions in areas such as quit smoking, phobias, habits, trauma and sports hypnosis. Scott has a speciality in pain management hypnotherapy. Scott is a professional member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA). He attends training regularly and has trained with a variety of different hypnosis trainers to develop his skills as a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is a major passion for Scott and he is always improving and tailoring his approach to improve his results. Scott is currently undertaking his Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. Scott is also involved with a number of different Adelaide hypnotherapy and NLP organisation and groups.

What I offer Services

Are you a doctor looking for a hypnotherapist to refer to?
Are your patients suffering from a psychosomatic illness? Or have you heard that hypnotherapy can be effective for a variety of conditions and were doing some research? Scott…
Working With Children
Scott Jasper is able to effective work with children for a variety of adolescent issues such as bedwetting, insomnia, headaches.
Medical Issues
Has your doctor recommended hypnotherapy? Are you suffering from an illness and your doctor has suggested hypnotherapy? It could be IBS, insomnia, skin problems, warts or chronic light-headedness? Hypnotherapy…
Want To Stop Feeling Anxious? I can help you to feel less anxious and more relaxed within yourself. It is normal to feel anxious when facing a difficult task…
Want To Quit A Bad Habit? Do you have a habit that you would rather not have? That habit could be nail biting, teeth grinding (TMJ), hair pulling…
Sports Performance
Do you want to take your game to the next level? Or have you just hit a speed hump on your road to victory? Scott Jasper can help…
Pain Alleviation
Has Chronic Pain Been A Problem For You? Chronic pain can be debilitating and disheartening. It makes even the most simple of tasks like getting out of bed…
Do You Fear Nervous At The Sight Of Spider And Snakes? Do You Feeling Anxious In The Elevators? Is there something in your life that you have an…
Smoking Cessation
Do You Want To Become A Lifelong Non-Smoker? I can help you quit smoking for good! Habit gone! I know that you want to stop that is why…

What clients say about Scott Testimonials

  • JIll Hopkins

    Recently, I was approached with a request from a prospective new client for my Pet and Home Minding services on a regular basis. The clients live in the Penthouse on the 10th Floor in an older style block of apartments in Glenelg. Unfortunately, on attending my “Meet n Greet” with them, it was obvious to me that I would not be able to work for them because I am unable to travel in the tiny lift. Their dog would require at least 3 short walks per day which would mean 6 trips per day in the lift. After hearing my story, Scott Jasper kindly offered to help. He promptly booked an appointment for the following week to work on my lift issue using hypnotherapy. I have heard of hypnotherapy, and was a little dubious about it, and a little scared that I would say or do inappropriate things while undergoing the therapy. Scott put me at ease straight away. Not only did he explain the benefits to me of having the therapy, he listened to my doubts and fears and at no time made me feel uncomfortable. At the beginning of the session, I ranked myself as 10/10 in terms of fear of going in a lift. Scott guided me through the session until I achieved a ranking of 4/10. Scott and I then went up to Marion Westfield where we travelled in the lift together a few times, then Scott left me to go on my own when I felt ready. After a few attempts, I travelled in the lift – unfazed. If this can be achieved in one hourly session, I can only imagine the improvements to people’s lives after more sessions – with all types of phobias and fears! I cannot recommend Scott Jasper highly enough. His caring and gentle nature, knowledge of his craft, and exceptional customer service and assistance have made this a wonderful experience for me, with a great outcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

  • Kelsey B

    Highly recommended! I went to Scott for help with a phobia I had long struggled with. Walking into his office my nerves were high although they were soon at ease as conversation with Scott. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable & talked me through the session well. The hypnotherapy part of the session went really well and I felt at ease throughout (although I will admit there were times were I was really quite frightened, or more cringing while talking about my phobia but its all apart of the process!) An hour later, I felt like I had a new lease on life! I think the process may take longer for some (but I’m no expert, Scott would be the one to ask!) It truly was amazing what Scott was able to do for me. He even came with me to put his work to the test and after being petrified of my phobia for so long all I wanted to do was feel it. As I said, highly recommended and I would definitely consider going to see him again (for another, not so extreme fear of mine!).

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